Imaging modalities at various length scales play a central role in engineering, biology and medicine. The BioImaging Graz Initiative integrates numerous research groups at Medical University Graz, Graz University of Technology, and University of Graz in the fields of cellular and super-resolution imaging, electron microscopy and tomography, preclinical imaging, mathematical image processing, simulation and modeling, and technology development. Our goal is to promote scientific exchange, interdisciplinary research and training, as well as innovation in technological developments to meet actual and future requirements for LifeScience research in Graz and beyond. BioImaging Graz is part of the BioTechMed Graz and NAWI Graz networks of interdisciplinary research and is supported by multiple national and international research grants and industry.

We welcome interested users and collaborators, and refer you to the 'Guide to BIgG' link to direct you to specific research facilities that match your imaging needs.


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