The BioImaging Graz Center emerged from numerous interdisciplinary LifeScience research networks across the Medical University Graz, Graz University of Technology and University of Graz. BIgG is part of the strategic NAWI Graz and BioTechMed Graz networks that aim at promoting and supporting cooperations between the local universities and other research institutions, and industry. The center is a virtual platform that connects imaging facilities and downstream processing units that are spread over a dozen of institutes at the three universities. The historically grown setup provides the major advantage that the facilities are fully integrated into the respective research environment of the local end users; at the same time, close interaction within the BIgG network ensures optimal resource management, know-how transfer, education and complementary technology development.

BIgG Structure: Board of Coordinators

  • Sepp D. Kohlwein, Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. techn - Deputy director (Uni Graz)
  • Wolfgang Graier, Univ.-Prof. Mag Dr. phil (Meduni Graz)


Research Groups and Principal Investigators


Current large-scale research programs


Cooperation partners - Industry


International networking