Contact: Univ.-Prof. Mag.pharm. Dr. Klaus Groschner

Principal Investigators & Staff

Research Topics & Current Projects

  • Ion channels and signal transduction in mammalian cells
  • Cellular Calcium homeostasis
  • Signalling micro/nanodomains
  • Dynamics of protein-protein interactions
  • TIRF microscopy
  • FRET
  • Ca++ imaging
  • EU-Marie Curie (2013-2015): Quantitative modeling of Ca++ nanodomains

Equipment and KnowHow

  • TIRF-microscopy:Zeiss Observer D2 (488nm, 445nm laser lines)
  • Visitron TIRF equipment
  • Dual line FRET camera (Hamamatsu Orca 2D)
  • Combined electrophysiology and FRET microscopy: Olympus IX70 inv. microscope, 400, 440, 565nm LED; Coolsnap camera
  • Optical mapping of action potentials in tissue and cultured cell layers: Zeiss Axiovert M35 microscope, 16x16 photodiode array, 15 µm/10µs res.