Managing Director: Dr. Dagmar Kolb-Lenz

Scientific Director: Dr. Gerd Leitinger

Principal Investigators & Staff

Research Topics & Current Projects

  • Connectome of neurons (GL)
  • 3D visualization of vesicles and proteins at synaptic connections (GL)
  • 3D reconstruction of subcellular structures in cells and tissues (DKL)
  • CLEM - correlative light/electron microscopy (DKL)
  • Development and application of cryo-EM techniques (DKL)
  • Cooperation projects within: Nanoscience, cardiovascular research, SFB Lipotox, Lipid-associated disorders, Nanotoxicity, Biomechanics

Equipment & KnowHow

  • Fei Tecnai 20 TEM
  • Zeiss EM 902 TEM
  • Zeiss DSM 950 SEM
  • Leica HPM 100 high pressure freezing system
  • CLEM - correlative light/electron microscopy (c/o IMB KFU)
  • Sample preparation, freeze fracture, freeze etch techniques
  • 3D EM: serial block face SEM; EM tomography
  • Elemental analysis: energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM); energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDXS)