Mag.a jur. Reingard Riener-Hofer, Institute Director (co-directorate); Dr. med. Thorsten Schwark, Institute Director (co-directorate)

Principal Investigators & Staff

Research Topics & Current Projects

  • Hematomas and other injury of soft tissues
  • Radiologic evidence in forensic reconstruction and age estimation
  • Computer-aided tools for forensic case analysis: Preparation and presentation
  • Juridical issues of radiological methods in clinical forensic medicine

Equipment & Know-How

  • Clinical forensic study design involving medical imaging technologies (hematomas, strangulation, fracture dating)
  • Forensic case analysis, visualization and in court presentation
  • Forensic age estimation (radiologic, automated software based)
  • Medical image analysis (vascular structure enhancement, segmentation, registration) Interactive segmentation
  • MR protocol optimization
  • Analysis and quantification of MR data