ResearchTopics & Current Projects

  • Membrane Biophysics
  • Antimicrobial, endotoxin neutralizing and anticancer peptides
  • Biofilms
  • EU BALI (2011-2016): “Biofilm Alliance”
  • FWF Standalone (2012-2015): “Structure and Elasticity of Liquid Ordered / Liquid Disordered Domains”
  • FWF Bilateral (Slovenia) (2014-2017): “Modulation of Inter- and Intramembrane Coupling in Lipid Bilayers via the Aqueous Phase”
  • FWF Standalone (2012-2015): “Cure of Cancer with Poor Prognosis by Selectively Targeting the Cancer Membrane with Antitumor Peptides”

Equipment & KnowHow

  • Leica DMI 6000B
  • S3Micro Small-Angle X-ray Camera (Hecus)

Publications (click here)

Infection Biology - Institute of Molecular Biosciences/KFU


  • Priv.-Doz. Dr. Stefan Schild