Contact: Prof. Dr. Eleonore Fröhlich

Principal Investigators & Staff

Research Topics & Current Projects

  • Label-free imaging/cell monitoring
  • Organelle function
  • Correlative microscopy
  • Toxicological assays - cyto-, geno- & immuno-toxicity

Equipment and KnowHow

  • LSM510 meta (Zeiss)
  • Live cell imaging set-up: Axiovert M200- High Speed Polychromator System- Cool SNAP-HQ
  • Cell monitoring: Cell Observer (Zeiss), Cell-IQ (Chipman Technologies)
  • Tissue preparation: embedding, sectioning, staining, automated analysis and documentation
  • Tissue-Tek VIP (Miles Scientific); Tissue-Tek TEC (Sakura) HM 430, HM 360
  • Cryostat HM 560 M (MICROM)
  • Autostainer Tissue-Tek DRS (Sakura)
  • Tissue FAXS (Tissuegnostics)
  • ScanScope CS2 (Leica Biosystems)


  • Cytotoxicity testing
  • Live cell imaging