Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Graier

Principal Investigators & Staff

Research Topics & Current Projects

  • Spatial and organelle Ca++ homeostasis and cell functions
  • intracellular Ca++ channels and transporters, ATP transport
  • mitochondrial pathology/physiology, mitoplast patch clamp
  • Endocannabinoids and vascular cell function
  • Design and development of genetically encoded biosensors
  • Development of of high-throughput and high content Ca++ imaging devices and automated analysis tools
  • high resolution live cell imaging, dynamic FRET and FRAP measurements

Equipment & KnowHow

  • Three wide-field microscopes (Zeiss, Visitron Systems)
  • iMIC digital microscope with automated perfusion system (96 well imaging) - Till Photonics
  • Two Nipkow-based array laser scanning microscopes (Zeiss, Visitron Systems); one equipped with a FRAP unit and an incubator for long-term measurements.

Seminars and lab courses on live-cell imaging and multi-D analyses